Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cherry-Cherry Cake

Consider this an interim post, dear readers. I know I've fallen off a bit lately. Part of the reason for this is that I've started another blog with two of my nearest and dearest. Don't worry. I'm not cheating on you. This other mistress is a politics and culture blog where we rant about horror films and television shows and Baby Boomers and Glenn Beck and comic books and and get the picture. So if you're feeling like this blog is simply not meeting your personal quota of my commentary and general sassiness,  head over to Bullypulp for your fix in a slightly different context. Other than that excuse/disclaimer, I have only food porn to offer you today. As I indicated in my last post, I have two new recipes in the queue, one of which comes from my sister Beth. She's promised me a guest post on her vegan mac n' cheeze. I'll also be posting my Daring Bakers challenge results on the 27th (and not a day before!), so there's some stuff to look forward to.

My sister just visited C and I from Virginia, and her visit was the occasion of much foodiness. We're such piggies that you really need only nudge us and we'll trundle you along to the nearest vegan sandwich/ice cream/doughnut. She arrived shortly after her birthday, so while she was here I made sure to make her a cake of her very own flavor specifications. Being mildly fruit-oriented, she asked for either orange or cherry. Since I have before made a strawberry cake to great success, I opted to try the latter by simply substituting cherry analogues for the strawberry ingredients in the original recipe. Because kittee is a completely brilliant baker and recipe writer, the cake was wonderful even with my considerable interference. It was so good that I'm hoping someone will ask me for an orange birthday cake, so I can see how it turns out with a more citrus-y flare. Go ahead, ask me. (Seriously, folks, if you need a cake recipe, you need look no further than the source blog of the link above. She's amazing.) Though I think Beth had originally requested a basic, vanilla buttercream for the frosting (she was adamant that it not be cream cheese), I couldn't resist making the cake cherry-cherry by adding a bit of the cherry extract to the frosting and dying it a lovely pink to match the cake. Then I topped the whole thing with piped stars and frozen cherries. My piping skills undoubtedly leave much to be desired, but I muddle along. I'm happy to say that a short three days later, with much help from my ever-accommodating brother, the cake is gone.


Mihl said...

That is such a beautiful cake!

Marla said...

Thanks, Mihl! I was going for super girly, and I think I achieved that much!