Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have a new recipe post almost ready to go! I just need to double check my notes, and then you will be treated to Plum Cherry Crisp. Exciting, right? To get you by, in the meantime, I thought I'd share some pics from a recent trip to the delightful sausage place in San Francisco where they offer (in addition to the carnie variety and some kinds vaguely labeled "vegetarian"--because they have eggs or cheese or something?) no fewer than ten exciting flavors of vegan sausage. Each one comes with all the fixings you could want, including saurkraut, relish, mustard, and the like. C and I had been meaning to hit it for quite some time, but different factors--the weather, timing, ennui--kept getting in the way. We finally seized on an opportunity presented to us by our fabulous friend Matt visiting all the way from Brooklyn! I should note that our visit wasn't immediately gratifying. When we first stopped by Underdog, we were greeted by a closed shop and these two, seemingly contradictory, notes, hanging in the door. I loved that they both apologize (deeply!) for any inconvenience and cheerfully proclaim their disregard for the same! Seriously, though, we really enjoyed the dogs, and I think (after our voracious hunger was sated, and we no longer wanted to chew each others' arms off, we all indulged in a hearty bit of sardonic East Coast-style amusement at this whimsical representation of West Coast chill-laxity. 

Of course, I should have written this post much sooner as I'm now taxing my memory for what flavor of sausage we each ordered. I think I went with the polish kielbasa. Matt had a tomato-smoked chipotle something or another, and I'm pretty sure C got the beer brat. If' I'm wrong, perhaps these two wouldn't mind chiming in in the comments and letting me know?

This first picture is Matt's dog as, being a New Yorker, he knows from dressing hot dogs. Am I right?

Next you can see C posed dramatically with all three dogs, pre-dressing. See how nicely he tilts the basket toward the camera so as to maximize my shot? In the final pic, you can see Matt's hand off to the right as he helps in this process. Awwww! Teamwork! 

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Bourbon Enthusiast Monthly said...

Not sure about the tomato-smoked part, but mine was definitely chipotle. And awesome.