Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Open Letter to Tofurky

Dear Tofurky,

I saw a bit of advance warning of your new line of frozen vegan pizzas on Vegansaurus (apologies, I couldn't work out the permalink for the specific post) recently, but I could barely contain my excitement when I discovered that Santa Rosa Community Market already stocks all THREE varieties of them. I lingered in front of the freezer-case so long that the employees got suspicious. I pointed and pawed at the glass.

I love that they're topped with the ever-amazing Daiya cheese, which is much of the appeal. I could never stomach the idea of spending between 8 and 10 dollars on Amy's one pizza that is dairy free by virtue of simply having no cheese at all. I know not all people are of this opinion, but what's pizza without cheese? Am I seriously expected to get a frozen, cheese-less pizza for more money than a similar pizza with dairy cheese and be happy about it? No way. And, seriously, good job with the Daiya. Follow Your Heart is perfectly good, but for all things melty, Daiya is unarguably the way to go. Unmelted vegan cheese tucked inside an omelet or scattered atop the nicest pizza feels a little like spitting in the eye of God, or some such ungainly metaphor.

Please don't mistake me. I love making pizza. I love eating pizza even more. I love being able to eat pizza without planning hours in advance. Sometimes I especially love eating pizza I didn't make. All of which brings me to this: Hurray for frozen vegan pizza!

To facilitate what is sure to be a glowing review on my budding vegan food blog, I want to invite you to send me some samples of these pizzas! I promise to cook them reverently, share them with friends (well, maybe), and gush about them well beyond the bounds of reason right here. Since shipping frozen food is always a problem, I would happily also accept some pizza coupons in lieu of actual pizzas!

Much love and ever fondly,



Anonymous said...


Send us your address. I'm sure we can work something out. :)

Team Tofurky

Hannah said...

That pesto pizza sounds just my speed! I can't wait until the tomatoes in my garden are ready... They may just meet their fate on a pizza of their own!

Hannah said...

Er, I suppose this comment should have gone on the post above this one. Sorry!