Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Enjoy Vegetarian

Living an hour away from San Francisco certainly has its perks. Pretty much every time C and I go we hit up a new (to us) vegan or vegan-friendly restaurant in the area. Yesterday we went to Enjoy Vegetarian, which is located somewhere or another in Sunset--lower, inner, upper, something like that. We had a crazy hard time deciding what to order since all the food they serve is vegan and they have a plethora (that's right, I said plethora) of our beloved faux-meat offerings. The one thing I didn't get a picture of was the combination appetizer plate, largely because we consumed it quickly and before we thought to take any pictures of our meal. The combination plate was filled with some of each of the following: homemade, smoked tofu; goose; barbecued pork; and gluten puffs. My god but we love our meat analogues. We also got the fragrant, crispy chicken, pictured above. These were, indeed, fragrant and crispy. The insides were dense and succulent, though I found myself wishing for some kind of dipping sauce. That's probably my inner fatty talking.

C ordered the braised spareribs, which were fantastic. The menu says they make all their meat analogues from some combination of tofu, gluten, and yam. I'd love to have someone demystify for me the process for making these. The spareribs came with cinnamony chunks of taro, cabbage, and carrots in a light glaze.

                                                                               I ordered the kung pao prawns, by which I was very underwhelmed. I can't resist fake seafood, though, so I had to plunge ahead with it. The prawns didn't really taste like much, and the texture was only so-so. I think I would have liked this dish a lot more had they done something a little more aggressive with the prawns. Maybe coating them in cornstarch and lightly frying them? What partially saved my entree was how perfectly cooked the vegetables were. I tried to focus on the zucchini.

I've also included a picture of the hot and sour soup the kitchen sent out to us for being such charming and attractive non-meat eaters. I'm assuming that's why. And, finally, a picture of C brandishing his chopsticks and looking very excited, indeed, to be diving in to such a feast.

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b3carmain said...

Nice pix! Especially the C one! I could do with a pair of those green chopsticks for my hair....did you bring a pair home??