Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is the new blog! I've wanted to have my own foodie blog since I became a devoted reader of such things years ago. Transitioning to veganism was really the inaugural event of my culinary life. Before I became vegan, I was an occasional cook, though an adventurous one. Veganism introduced a completely different set of challenges and opportunities. Once I realized I needed to cook to eat really well--which, of course, is true for everyone, vegan or not--I started to learn. And much of that learning happened on the internets. I spent (and continue to spend) hours looking at different food blogs, research ingredients, perusing recipes. Though I've most stuck with other vegans over the years, I have a lingering fondness for some vegetarian ones. A caveat: I can't photograph for shit, so that will also be a learning experience and hopefully not a total failure.

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